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Welcome to the vast product offering from Becker Diamond of Germany. To achieve optimum application success, closely follow the enclosed selection checklists. Maximum machining performance with Becker products is achieved through a calculated selection of required cutting materials,
and proper macro-cutting edge geometries. Please be advised that machining with Becker tools will be significantly different from what you have become accustomed to with normal carbide tooling. Due to the physical properties of the Becker cutting materials, and the range of micro-cutting edge geometries, it is important that you completely rethink your machining approach when determining selection criteria.

When selecting the Becker grades from our comprehensive range, a complex performance profile of the machining result is required. Due to the different variations of tipped corner styles, macro and micro cutting edge geometries, careful pre-planning is required to ensure that the best tool is selected for the given application.

The overall machining system should also be reconsidered in order to achieve full performance from the Becker product. Use the most rigid and accurate tooling systems available. Machinery and equipment should be compatible with the machining tasks. Particular attention must be paid to the general rigidity, the slideways, spindles and work-holding systems. When all working parameters are optimized, you can achieve surface finishes in a nanometer range as a standard using Monocrystalline Diamond for non ferrous metals and with PCBN for hard cutting of hardened steel.

BECKER Checklists PCD / CBN

BECKER Chip Control Geometries

BECKER DIAMOND TOOLS of Germany introduces revolutionary 3D PCD chipbreaking technology for the machining of non-ferrous materials. Through the use of advanced proprietary technology, true 3D PCD chipbreaker forms are produced at the cutting point of the PCD segment. The performance results of this dramatic innovation, which is available in roughing and finishing forms, are unsurpassed chip control and dramatically increased tool life. The higher shear angles integrated within the chipbreaker produces lower cutting pressures and less heat expansion of the workpiece.

The by-product of this machining dynamic is precise dimensional accuracy, eliminating the need for secondary operations while both increasing productivity and reducing operating costs. The controlled short chips coming off the workpiece allow for uninterrupted production runs and practically eliminates costly maintenance stoppages traditionally required when clearing machines of long uncontrolled swarf. ChipBreaker Catalogue  |  Watch Chipbreaker in action



With technology advancing continuously in ultrahard cutting materials, the new “SANDWICH” CBN is now available. This new design allows multiple corners or double full face negative inserts with a very strong high temperature vacuum braze. With this advancement in technology, it provides higher insert integrity and lower cost per corner.

To go along with this new technology, the “SANDWICH” inserts are being introduced in 4 grades with a specially designed coating that resists tribo-oxidation, adhesion, or diffusion. In turn the coating increases wear resistance and dissipates heat from the cutting edge more efficiently thus drastically improving tool life and surface finish.

The “SANDWICH” CBN inserts are offered in the largest selection of stocked edge preps on the market. This range of 8 different edge preps will allow complete optimization to fully suit your application needs. Sandwich Catalogue


“TFC” Thick Film CVD diamond. This outstanding new program of cutting tools from Becker has such extreme consistent hardness that its wear properties are anywhere from 2 to 10x that of PCD. This pure diamond has no binders which allows extreme cutting edge sharpness giving you excellent surface finishes with virtually no cutting pressure. The absence of binders at the cutting edge allows for excellent thermal conductivity which reduces heat produced at the cutting zone. The extreme sharpness and the pure diamond cutting edge of the Becker “TFC” tools avoids chemical interactions with materials or cutting fluids which eliminates failures due to cutting edge erosion. This pure diamond maintains a sharper cutting edge far longer than that of the standard polycrystalline diamond tools. All of the “TFC” tips produced at Becker are adhered using a high vacuum brazing process that ensures excellent quality. Due to the extreme hardness, the cutting edge must be lasered using High Tech lasers which not only prepare the cutting edges to the highest quality but also allows the 3D cutting edge geometries in various formations prepared in the same quality.


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